Kelowna Real Estate Conveyancing

Real Estate Transactions

Buying, selling or simply refinancing a home is among the largest financial transactions in which most people will ever participate. The various forms of ownership–freehold, leasehold, strata title and cooperative, among others–each serve different purposes for myriad owners and entities. As a Kelowna real estate lawyer, Elise Everest engages in contract and land titles review as well as works with the real estate licensees to assure smooth transactions.

Land Development and New Construction

Other facets of her real estate practice involve new home construction and land development. Zoning and rezoning applications are complicated petitions and should be submitted with a knowledge of subdivision and development regulation. Elise is also thoroughly knowledgeable in the procedures for strata plan registration and strata plan amendments. Specific land use issues such as agricultural leasing or easements and rights of way are additional areas of expertise held by Elise Everest.

Strata Property Bylaws, Agreements and Resolutions

Townhouse complexes, duplexes, apartment blocks and warehouses will often provide for particular ownership of a unit and broader ownership of common areas and facilities. the distinctive legal relationships among owners can be subject to ambiguity unless spelled out clearly. Elise makes sure her clients are aware of all disclosure statements for strata developments. She will assist in drafting strata bylaws, agreements and resolutions that convey accurate and specific rights and responsibilities of all parties concerned. As a specialist in several legal disciplines, Elise earns her clients’ confidence. Call her for a free consultation.

Commercial Real Estate Leases and Purchases

Real estate investors and property management firms are faced with numerous rules concerning purchases, leases, tenancy and taxes. The province’s BC Assessment shows commercial property values on the rise, making the stakes higher for both transactions and litigation. Published in the field of landlord-tenant relations, Elise Everest keeps abreast of how changes in the laws affect a property owner’s rights and privileges with regard to his or her buildings and units. She has further written on the distinctions that apply to First Nations lands in terms of tenancy.